SHIFT Social Enterprise Hepburn:
providing 72,000 healthy & nutritious
lunches by 2027.

Sustainable Healthy Integrated Food Towns “SHIFT” works towards community food security.  A community-based initiative creating integrated healthy food, through social enterprise for the Hepburn Shire. The SHIFT circular economy model offers a new opportunity for innovation which connects community, food systems, schools, businesses, our daily lives and environmental impact.

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What Hepburn SHIFT will deliver.

We support socially, economically and ecologically sustainable community food systems that promote health.  Community led and co-designed, the circular food systems enhance the future health of individuals, communities and the natural environment.

SHIFT’s healthy, sustainable food system will deliver:

  • Over 16 new jobs created in the first 12 months for young people and the longterm unemployed
  • 24000 healthy and nutritious lunches produced by year 1
  • 72000 healthy and nutritious lunches by year 5
  • 100’s of boxes of fresh produce per week for priority families
  • All local farmers being paid fair prices for their produce
  • A long-term cost sustainable model through social enterprise
  • A new integrated learning, teaching, and education program
  • A new energy production program – biogas
  • A local circular food economy model
  • A collaborative research program
  • A scalable: social enterprise to social franchise model: 50 SHIFTS by 2025, 100 by 2027

What is SHIFT?

SHIFT, powered by Health Futures Australia, is a multi-system facility providing farm gate sales, aquaponics producing fish, vegetables and herbs; biogas for energy; and a healthy lunch commercial kitchen servicing early childhood centres, schools, businesses – food and retail, sporting clubs, and government facilities. SHIFT connects people and producers in a local circular economy for a sustained healthy food system.

SHIFT Impact.

  • A healthier and fairer food system for all in the community
  • Access to fresh, local, affordable food for lower socio-economic community members, in particular for the childhood, and youth population across the Shire
  • More people eating lean and sustainable protein, fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Young people engaged, learning about and loving fresh food, cooking, farming, horticulture, aquaculture, and commercial production for social impact
  • Improve mental health and wellbeing, through connection and belonging, learning and employment
  • New local jobs for the long-term unemployed, and pathways for youth, in the healthy food system
  • Fair prices for struggling farmers
  • Better for the environment –low impact aquaponics, and regenerative farming, fewer food miles, and less packaging
  • Less food-waste, reuse of organic food waste
  • Sustainable financing model

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Healthy and sustainable food systems are paramount to our future health and wellbeing. We currently have an unsustainable system. Food systems are in trouble, they don’t connect local producers, consumers, or communities; they produce poor nutrition, and are impacting our climate emergency.

In the Hepburn Shire, 7.3% of residents ran out of food and could not afford to buy more compared to the Victorian average 5.6% (Victorian Population Health Survey 2008). A circular economy is the solution – we need to transform the current system into new systems that deliver health, social, economic and environmental impacts. SHIFT builds the new needed local economy with health and wellbeing outcomes for all.

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