We will lead you through a revolutionary, innovative approach to cut through the complexity of prevention.

Health and wellbeing leadership and learning programs 2020.

Prevention entrepreneurship.

For emerging changemakers working in the system – leaders, managers and practitioners in public health, health promotion and community health – who are ready to invest themselves in taking their prevention leadership to the next level.

Prevention Entrepreneurship 1

Changemaking for a healthier future
(3.5 hrs)

Prevention Entrepreneurship 2

Designing for social impact
(3.5 hrs)

Reimagining the system for wellbeing impact.

For senior leaders, managers, practitioners and changemakers who are ready to invest themselves in the transformational leadership needed to tackle stuck systems and effect profound social change.

Masterclass 1

Re-imagining the system for wellbeing outcomes (3.5 hrs)

Masterclass 2

Re-imagining and re-designing prevention financing for social market creation
(3.5 hrs)

Prevention immersion.

Leading the health and wellbeing transformation of our economy and society.

For senior systems changemakers and emerging leaders feeling caught in stuck systems who are ready to invest themselves in transformational leadership and social change.

Featured presenters.

  • Professor Rob Moodie AM
  • Dr Shelley Bowen
  • Jon Anstey
  • Rebecca Johanson

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Certificate of successful completion.

Prevention Alumni.

Participants who have successfully completed a Health Futures Australia program automatically become a member of our community of dynamic prevention leaders to support your changemaking journey.


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