We have a bold and ambitious agenda to create impact at scale. We broker connections between people, power, place and prevention.

We build the authentic, adaptive and collective leadership needed to activate innovation and lead change. We mobilise wellbeing changemakers. We bring together passionate people and support them through transformational leadership.We activate people-centred engagement at a community level to lead disruptive but empathetic change within our communities. We re-imagine and re-design investment in prevention for a wellbeing future for all.

How might we support you to be a wellbeing community?

5 key platforms.

Systems transformation for a healthy population.


We broker, incubate and bridge population health and wellbeing with social impact across complex issues, communities and organisations. We work with you to co-design the leadership of whole-of-system intervention that impacts health and wellbeing at scale.

We are building the momentum needed to create the movement for change needed for a wellbeing future. The power of this movement will start with shifting minds and connecting with our hearts.

Social innovation incubator labs.

For local communities looking to create new social markets for health and wellbeing, we form dynamic collaborative partnerships, working with the leaders who are ready to step up to co-design place-based solutions. We incubate social enterprise and broker ideas and stakeholder collaboratives, connecting the dots between population health and wellbeing and social impact.

Co-design sessions.

For those looking to impact population health and wellbeing at scale, we lead co-design using social innovation methodology facilitated by our team of leaders in public population health, finance, strategy, innovation, collaboration, communication and systems design thinking.

Investment partnerships.

For the philanthropic and corporate sectors looking to invest in health and wellbeing intervention at a community level, we broker, incubate and deliver population health innovation under our ‘Wellbeing Communities’ platform, through social enterprise design, delivery and scale.

Leadership and learning programs.

For those ready to invest themselves in the transformational leadership needed to tackle stuck systems and effect profound social change, we design and lead transformational learning experiences.

Custom consulting.

For corporates, government bodies and NGOs, we provide custom consulting services: understanding systems and complexity; mobilising community; building sectoral and civic leadership to improve wellbeing; designing and facilitating strategic change and innovation processes for stuck, complex problems; and building leadership, action and investment platforms to support wellbeing.

Leadership coaching.

For anyone who shares our passion for a different future and wellbeing for all, we offer bespoke mentoring, support and coaching linked to the new capacities and capabilities, to impact the wellbeing future we want to create. We can coach one on one, in teams, or at organisational level. We support you to unlock your highest prevention changemaking capability. We connect coaching with our leadership and learning programs and series of master classes and immersions.

Trusted advice.

For practitioners, changemakers, communities, organisations, and the private and government sectors, we advise on prevention and population health re-design. We can help you with ‘how to’ develop transformational strategy, leadership, impact and new social market financing mechanisms for health and wellbeing.

Prevention alumni community.

For those on their prevention leadership journey, we support and enable your ambition to actively shape a wellbeing future. Health Futures Australia is mobilising a dynamic community of prevention leaders joined in the fight for a healthier, better future for all.

Building Wellbeing Communities.

For communities, organisations, and the private and government sectors, we steward you through a social innovation lab to unlock wellbeing leadership potential and lead change for healthy and thriving Australian communities.

We are ready to work with you.

We would welcome the chance to discuss how we might support you to create change.


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