We are experienced in stewarding, designing and enabling transformative policy, practice and social change processes.

Headed by public and population health leaders Dr Shelley Bowen and Professor Rob Moodie AM, the Health Futures team is leading the thinking in reimagining investment in prevention and redesigning systems for wellbeing.

Our small agile team brings vast experience and knowledge gained globally in public and population health policy, law, finance, strategy, innovation, collaboration, communication and systems design thinking. We bring deep understanding from working within the system to pursuing our big vision to lead transformational system change and our passion for creating the future we want to see. We can and need to make it happen. Our wellbeing future depends on us.

Dr Shelley Bowen.

Managing Director
Shelley is a population health system and community changemaker, transformer and disruptor. She designs and enables big thinking, practice and social change processes and transformative policy for better health and wellbeing outcomes. Her expertise is in population and preventative health, collaboration, innovation, scale, strategy and communication, and system design thinking. Shelley is Managing Director of Health Futures Australia and a Westpac Social Change Fellow.

Louise Baldwin.

Advisor, Population Health Innovation

Louise  is an innovative health promotion specialist with a passion for sustainable change to build healthy communities. She is an award winning practitioner, active researcher and author with extensive experience across nonprofit, government and tertiary  sectors. Louise is an academic and the founder  and director of Health and Social Change Australia whilst being an avid mentor for the next generation of health promoters. She is leading the charge to highlight links between entrepreneurship and health as part of broad approaches to wellbeing and thriving communities.

Powering thriving wellbeing communities with thanks to our partners:

Prof Rob Moodie AM.

Board Chair

Rob is a public health thought leader, changemaker, activist, life guru and Victorian Father of the Year. Rob’s passion is for urgent community-driven through to global action to build a very different future for our population, doing his part to drive a different future market for prevention in Australia with a focus on leaders for the future. Rob is Chair of Health Futures Australia and Professor of Public Health at The University of Melbourne.

Rebecca Johanson.

Board Director

Former Executive at Telstra Consumer and Small Business, Rebecca is passionate about creating long-term, sustainable change underpinned by a commercial model that transcends the traditional model for prevention. Her focus is on commercialising prevention to enable us to break free from our ‘stuck’ funding models and enter a new world of market possibilities.

Michael Wheelahan.

Board Secretary

Michael brings deep experience in navigating government, as well as shaping and working within institutional and regulatory frameworks. He has significant expertise in institutional governance and focuses on governance as an enabler to empower organisations.

Michael has over 20 years’ experience in public policy design and delivery. He has held senior roles in the Victorian State Government in water and climate change, including as Director Climate Change Policy and Director Water Sector Governance in the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

Kate Weadon.

Social Innovator

Kate is a natural big thinker, creative and changemaker. Thinking outside the box, innovation, engaging with communities and immersing in complex challenges is where she excels. Kate’s mission for social justice, equity and accessibility is at the forefront of her practice.

Kate had a diverse background in visual arts, community design and legal services with an overarching focus on empowerment through open mind, heart and will leadership.

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