Our Services and Programs.

Why partnering, contracting and purchasing our services matters and is an investment in social good.

HFA is a health promotion charity and social enterprise, we are just like a normal business, except we invest 100% of our profits into health and social impact programs that build health promoting communities. 100% of our profits at HFA currently go toward our SHIFT project.
SHIFT Hepburn in Victoria operates a Healthy Lunch Kitchen and a Young Growers program, which grows and produce healthy lunches for children and young people at school ‘to discover more about the SHIFT project click here’


We would love to share what we do and ideas for change and action through our consulting services.

We use theories and methods to bring about change that impacts health and wellbeing of your organisation, or community .

We bring social innovation, entrepreneurship, and population health promotion together to understand and change stuck systems through our REISS approach:

We do this through:

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Masterclasses and Workshops.

The need for us to build a wellbeing economy has never been greater. Resilience to thrive is critical for individuals, teams, organisations, and sectors.

We invite you to imagine and re-design for a health and wellbeing future through our series of master classes.

Our three-session programs are tailored for and targeted at specific sectors, grappling with their role and impact to build profound and lasting change which is social, economic, healthy, and sustainable.

Partner Programs.

Let’s partner to pursue an idea. We partner for collaborative impact with organisations on specific projects. It is so much better to partner, than compete, for precious resources.

Partnering also recognises the broad skills and expertise a group of partners can bring together for greater firepower and impact.

As example, we are partnering with the Central Highlands Association of Neighbourhood Houses in Victoria to create a Wellbeing Script, and ultimately a strengthened role as health and wellbeing hubs in communities.

Find out more about this project as an example of our partnering.


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