Fresh food for our kids

for a stronger, healthier, more sustainable us.

We’re currently raising $245,000 to expand the Healthy Lunch Kitchen to more children and schools; build the Young Growers Program; develop and deliver a Family Cooking School; and undertake an Economic Feasibility Study to build the SHIFT facility in the coming years.

Now more than ever we need to work on implementing solutions that build strong, healthy, and sustainable communities. 

Our first SHIFT project – the Healthy Lunch Kitchen - has started.

In just its first weeks, the Healthy Lunch Kitchen sold 150 nutritious affordable meals each week at our first partner school, Daylesford Primary School. 

Demand for healthy lunches is increasing, and other schools are keen to come on board.

Our big vision is in front of us.

This vision builds a sustainable model by way of a facility for fish and vegetable production, which is powered by biogas, and is a place for agriculture, and commercial cooking, learning and training. 

This will bring enormous economic and social benefits to this, and ultimately many other communities searching for bold interventions that impact their very fabric.

We need to invest in community-designed enterprises that create learning pathways, jobs, a healthy food system, and children, youth and family health and wellbeing all in one.

A small amount can make a huge difference.

Your tax-deductible gift can truly be life-changing for those involved. 

We are incredibly grateful for the support of our wider community and look forward to sharing the incredible achievements of our team with you in the future.


Evidence is telling us how food is the solution – the way we grow it, and consume it.

It also tells us about the incredible benefits for children and young people in eating a nutritious diet for their physical and mental health and wellbeing, and participation in school, and community. 

We also believe that everyone deserves access to affordable, nutrition every day, especially when learning and working. And for farmers to be paid fair prices. 

Sustainable Healthy Integrated Food Towns – SHIFT – is an initiative that drives change in our community, one that builds a new healthy and sustainable food systems.


Supports a healthy meal and snack for two children


Pays local farmers fair prices for their produce for the Healthy Lunch Kitchen


Supports transporting of nutritious food to isolated and small rural communities


Buys needed kitchen equipment


Provides support to the Family Cooking School – classes on sourcing and preparing fresh food for families in need


Supports a young grower in their learning, and employment to grow fresh produce for the Healthy Lunch Kitchen


Support new jobs in our social enterprise Healthy Lunch kitchen


Join with collaborators to build our visionary project – SHIFT – integrated aquaponics – community fish farm, greenhouse, biogas, farm gate, and healthy lunch kitchen system

If you would like to support us or donate to our cause to build the Healthy Lunch Kitchen, Young Growers Program, Family Cooking School projects, and SHIFT projects please contact us.

Health Futures Australia needs your help.

Children, young people, and families need positive efforts across their community which engage, connect, give hope, and signal change for a healthier and more sustainable future. 

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